Where Many Homeowners Lose Their Cool Air

checking if AC is blowing airIt’s fairly common knowledge that warm air rises and can escape through the attic and roof, if the home is not well insulated and sealed. What isn’t as well known is the phenomenon of cold air escaping through the basement and making the homeowner lose money on their energy bill. This reverse effect is every bit as serious and costly as the warm air escaping upwards, and many homeowners are working to address this problem as they learn about it.

If a basement is not properly sealed or insulated, then it can let colder air seep out through the cracks, windows and doors. Similarly, a very large basement will pull in lots of cold air and use it necessarily. If a homeowner has ever gone down into a large basement that isn’t sealed up very well, they likely noticed how cold it felt. That’s because the cold air from the AC units upstairs are coming down into the basement and permeating the room. Simply closing off part of the basement or partitioning it can make a huge difference. The entire basement can still be usable, but sectioning it off will hinder the movement of clod air.

Heating and air Greenville, SC specialists will tell homeowners about this problem and be able to asses it for them. By calling experts, such as those at heating and air greenville sc homeowners can get the help they need to seal up their basement and prevent cold air from seeping in there. Once they do that, they can save quite a bit of money, as it won’t take as much energy to run the AC units effectively and the units will be more efficient, cooling the house easier, since less air is escaping into the basement.

This has the added benefit of warming the basements, saving on heating costs and efforts for that area and making it a more pleasant place to visit. By sealing up the basement better, the items stored there will be less likely to suffer water damage or temperature damage and be preserved better.