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How to Deal with a Stressful Divorce

Any divorce is bound to be full of stress. On top of the million and one things you have to take care of, you are also dealing with the emotional...

Any divorce is bound to be full of stress. On top of the million and one things you have to take care of, you are also dealing with the emotional toll of dissolving your marriage. You are expected to get up, go to work and move through every day as if nothing is wrong. All these factors can negatively impact your wellbeing.

There are ways to handle stress during this difficult time. Doing simple tasks each day can significantly reduce tension brought about by this significant event. Don’t succumb to anxiety and depression. Follow these 6 simple things and you’ll emerge relatively unscathed.

1.    Don’t shy away from dealing with emotional issues.
Emotions are bound to go haywire during a divorce. You’ll find yourself going through a cycle of emotions. Some people experience all stages of grief during this time. It’s important that you acknowledge these emotions and talk to someone about them. Keeping all those feelings inside will only serve to increase stress levels.

2.    Keep yourself physically active.     aerobics-382x255
Exercise is the best way to relieve anxiety during this difficult period. You need to create a physically engaging program that will get your blood pumping. During exercise, your body releases endorphins that are the happy chemicals the brain produces. These will certainly keep you light and joyful throughout the day. Keeping fit also boosts your confidence and self-worth, two things that may dwindle during a divorce. You need to stay active and give your brain a break.

3.    Watch what you eat.
veggies-500x332It’s essential to maintain a healthy diet. Eating the right food will give you a boost of energy. Fiber-rich food also refreshes your digestive system and keeps things running smoothly. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables to sustain you throughout the day. Avoid eating too many carbohydrates and sugars. These will give you a momentary rush but will also result in a crash later. What you need are healthful foods that can help your body and your mind light.

4.    Accept your new reality.
Nothing will change if you don’t change. Divorce may not have been your idea, but it’s time to create a new identity. Keeping your self in the past will only serve to add to your stress. Letting go of negative emotions will free your self up for new and exciting challenges.

5.    Steer clear of unhealthy habits.   bingeEating-145x200
During stressful situations, it’s quite tempting to binge on alcohol, caffeine and food. You tell yourself that’s it’s okay to indulge because you’re going through a tough time. If you do succumb to these urges, you’ll find yourself feeling worse and not better. Eating fast food may cause your skin to break out, and drinking may affect your metabolism. These and other problems can arise from over-indulging in bad habits.

6.    Try new (relaxing) things.
If you’ve never tried yoga or meditation before, now is the perfect time to start. Detox and give your mind an opportunity to relax. You’ll be surprised at how much better you’d feel after an hour or so of yoga and/or meditation.

Though the prospect of divorce can heighten stress levels substantially, it’s not without its benefits. Stepping away from an unhealthy relationship can be the best stress reliever out there. Doing these simple tasks can help you deal with anxiety and tension that comes with dissolving your marriage.

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Understanding how divorce works can also decrease stress, by removing the fear of the unknown, and making you feel more in charge of your life. For information on the California Divorce Process, visit California State Divorce.